Making the Moments Count

There are times as a military family that we have to be apart.  We’ve been very blessed that since my son was born, and those times have been rare.  A couple times to the field, a night or two here or there.  But tomorrow, I will leave my family for six months to attend a course four states away.  My heart is aching thinking about how much distance will be between us, but I keep reminding myself that it really isn’t that far at all.  Especially when I have dear friends who have spouses on the other side of the globe, I feel thankful that we are going to be in the same time zone.

The past two weeks have been spent soaking up as much family time as possible.  We’ve gone on day trips to Sea World and a natural spring, gotten to spend time with old friends and family, and even just hung out around the house playing board games.  I’ve tried to make every moment count and breath it all in.  Especially the moments when I get to do normal everyday things with my Son, like tuck him in for the night, teaching him how to use his fork and spoon, and showing him how to make a worm out of a straw wrapper at lunch.  He has grown so much and he amazes me all the time with how big he is getting.  How is it that this little boy grew inside of me?  And I am sure that by the time we are together again he is going to grow so much more.  He’ll probably be speaking in full sentences by January!

We plan on talking daily and doing FaceTime as much as possible without making my Son upset by always saying goodbye to me.  And I’m recording our night time song for him to fall asleep to each night.  Hopefully the time will pass quickly, and I will be able to visit a few times in between for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

What have you done to help ease the distance between you and loved ones?

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