National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Happy National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

May is a great time to get more active and get outside.  I know a lot of people set new goals for these things back in January, and nowis another great opportunity to get off the couch and get active!  The weather is warming up, sports teams are forming at your local gym or YMCA for leagues, and the race season is really starting to open up!

This time last year, I was just starting out on my goal of running my first Full Marathon.  Signing up for a big race that I had never done before was a big boost to my motivation!  It was a catalyst for me as I worked to recover from Traumatic Birth and improve my overall health.  I knew that if I could run a marathon, I could do anything! I know without a doubt that I am healthier and happier now than when I started, and I want that for all of you too!

If you are on the fence right now about getting more active and getting healthier, I challenge you to go and sign up for a race near you! Whether it is a Marathon, Half Marathon 10K or even a 5K, having a goal on your calendar that you’re working towards is a great way to push yourself to get out there and run.

Since running the Disney World Marathon in January, I’ll be honest that it has been hard to keep up with working out and running.  Excuses that I’ve used to avoid running since moving to the great white north in February include:

  • It’s too cold out to run
  • I don’t have anyone to run with
  • I don’t have anyone to watch my toddler
  • I don’t have a jogging stroller

All of this changes this month!  My husband has been on a great transformation the past few months and we have decided to start training for our Fastest 5K goal together!  He blessed me with an awesome Baby Jogger stroller for Valentine’s Day this winter (so romantic, eh?) so there’s no reason why we can’t go out and enjoy the evening as a family and get  healthier.  We have registered for a 5K on the 4th of July to run as a family and our goal is to run it in 30 minutes or less!

I am so excited to start this goal with him.  He had struggled since getting out the Army with staying healthy and active, and since January he has been kicking butt and taking names – as well as losing a significant amount of weight!  He is so supportive and encouraging, and I have no doubt that we are going to crush this goal together.  I am also feeling so blessed that we can start to set this example for our toddler so that as he grows he knows how awesome it is to stay in shape and be active.

What goals are you going to set for this summer?  Let me know below, and we can help keep each other motivated!


For more information on National Physical Fitness and Sports month visit

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