Coming Soon!


Coming in February 2015!

The two and a half years since the birth of my son have been a journey full of emotions.  My recovery from Traumatic Birth has  been cathartic. I am a stronger and more empowered Mother, Wife, Woman and Soldier than I ever thought I would be.  Thank you all so much for coming with me on this journey!

I have been full of mixed emotions since finding out our exciting news.  I feel so blessed to have our family grow, but I am also nervous about what the next few months will bring as I strive to have a vaginal birth.  My doctors and midwives have already been so incredibly supportive!

So hang on to your hats as we embark upon our own VBAC journey!  I’m going to keep you all updated along the way, with the goal of helping other Mama’s who are hoping for a VBAC know that they are not alone on this road.



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