Halfway There – 20 Weeks Update

Thank you so much to all of my readers that have reached out to me with support! It has been a great blessing to know that there are prayers being said for our family and our health.

We are now halfway through the pregnancy – give or take depending on how late the baby arrives 😉 – and things are going well.  We had our anatomy scan a couple of weeks ago, and the baby is actually measuring a little bit ahead of where it should be but they didn’t change my due date at all.  But the baby is doing great! Ten fingers, ten toes, a healthy heartbeat and moving like crazy! We’ve decided NOT to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl – some surprises are just too good to get early!  We actually didn’t find out what our first was until his birth day either and I loved having that to look forward to.

I have continued to have hypothyroid symptoms during the pregnancy – and let’s face it a lot of pregnancy symptoms and hypothyroid symptoms are the same.  But I have been getting my labs drawn and kept in touch with my Endocrinologist.  I have started to have some concerns with how much experience she has treating patients during pregnancy with Thyroid Cancer though.  So I have reached out to a couple of other doctors in the area to get second opinions.  I think it’s especially important to use as many resources as possible to make sure that I am getting the best care that I can to keep both me and the baby healthy.  My days of not advocating for better care are behind me!

I also had a midwife appointment about two weeks ago, and she said everything is looking great.  Every time I go for an appointment I feel more and more secure and at peace with my decision of care providers for birthing.  I haven’t met a midwife in the practice yet that has not been supportive of our plans for VBAC.

It seems amazing that I have already made it to 20 weeks!  It seems like just yesterday that we found out we were expecting again!  I am excited to see what the rest of the pregnancy will hold for us as we wait to welcome the next member of our family.


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