I started this blog in 2013 to help document my journey as I faced the emotional and physical recovery from my traumatic birth experience.  Since starting, I trained for and completed my first, and hopefully not last, Marathon.  The experience of pushing my body past what I had done before was very liberating.  For a long time after the birth of my son, I had wondered if my body was defective or broken, but as I crossed the finish line of the Disney World Marathon 2014 I felt strong and capable – ready to take on anything!

As my journey continues, my goals have evolved as well.  I want to encourage other mothers to follow their passions and their heart when raising their children.  I want to tell others that it is okay to feel upset about your birth experience, and how important it is to find your way again.  I want to share beautiful and empowering birth stories, whether they are Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) or not, so that we can pass our knowledge of birth on to each other.  I also want to share information and research regarding parenting, natural living, physical fitness and building an abundant life with my readers.


I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a Soldier.  I am Combat Boot Mama.

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