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Book Review: Cut, Stapled and Mended


Several women recommended Cut, Stapled and Mended by  Roanna Rosewood to me in the past few months.  It is a deeply moving book for those of us that have encountered Cesarean Birth and long for a natural birth.  She tells her story in a very relatable and realistic tone.  Her description of the fear and pain of cesarean were detailed and helped me to know that I am not alone in how I feel about my birth experience.

But more than just telling her Cesarean Birth story, she tells the story of how she explored her options and did anything possible to try to have a vaginal birth.  Including going to a natural healer who used magnets and put his hand down his pants (um, yeah you read that right.. and she thought it was just as strange!)  She shares her fears and doubts with the reader as well as her joys.  Her quest was to accomplish what many thought would be impossible, a VBA2C!

My emotional response to this book was very strong.  It helped me to think more about how I felt about my sons birth, as well as ways for me to start healing from my emotional scars.  Just knowing that there are women out there who were as traumatized as me, and went on to have a VBAC, made me feel incredibly connected and hopeful.  This is the first book that I read after starting my recovery journey and I am so glad that I did.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has experienced a Cesarean Birth!